Waste-to-Energy: Promise for the Future

Converting municipal solid waste into a bio-gas or syngas for energy use is the newest frontier in responsible energy production. But every such process involves complex trade-offs—in energy efficiency, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness.

OnQuest provides design and engineering for a range of waste-to-energy projects, from gasification and depolymerization to direct-fired incineration and pyrolysis-based chemical solutions to anaerobic digesters. We are familiar with the technologies available, and have executed waste-to-energy projects in California—one of the most highly regulated operating environments in the country—and across the U.S.

OnQuest can work with you from conception and early project planning through pricing, design, and engineering to start-up and commissioning. Our services include engineering feasibility analyses, fixed-price estimating, procurement for contracts and materials, and construction supervision.

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